About Us

DELTAPLAN architectural and planning studio was established on the basis of partnership deed on January 7th 1991. This was an inevitable evolutionary step and at the same time re-assumption of a long-lived tradition of Delta planning studio, originally set up under SPA (union of planning studios) in the late 1960s (later PÚ VHMP – Planning Institute of the Capital City of Prague). The company currently employs 24 staff members specialized in architecture, building scheme planning, scheduling and interior design. Complexity of planning tasks and the possibility of operative management enable long-term cooperation with numerous specialized minor planning studios which provide specialists‘ projects.

Our company’s offices are fully equipped with the latest computing and printing technologies enabling versatile management and high quality performance and completion of our customers‘ orders.

The company cooperates with many major Czech architects and takes part in numerous significant projects which are given prestigious awards.

Range of tasks performed by Deltaplan studio currently represents full extent of complex services as specified by Operation and fee regulations, i.e. building inquiry, study elaboration, elaboration of all stages of project documentation including the building documentation and building author’s inspection through final evaluation of the construction.

In November 2000, our company was awarded the ISO 9001 quality system certificate. The company has been managed in accordance with this quality system ever since.

DELTAPLAN = over 25 years of top quality building design.

The company’s activities

  • Designing and project planning for Building construction and architecture
  • Designing and project planning in the field of zoning and urbanism
  • Preparation and organization of architectural contests
  • Engineering
  • Investor’s technical inspection
  • Approved inspector service
  • Consulting, technical support

Limited partners – executioners

Ing. Petr Blažka, a.i.


Ing. Pavel Štěpán, a.i.

Deputy director

Ing. Petr Kniha, a.i.

Ing. Jiří Tulach


Drahomíra Andresová

Ing. arch. Petr Jón

Ing. Miloš Keltner, a.i.

Ing. arch. Jitka Kubínová

Lukáš Maciejewski

Ing. arch. Eva Mikulová

Ing. Barbora Návesníková

Tereza Psutková

Ing. arch. Vít Štěpán
Ing. arch. Vít Štěpán

Ing. Marie Valtrová, a.i.
Ing. Marie Valtrová, a.i.

Ing. Michal Walla, a.i.