shopping, offices
Na Příkopě, Prague 1

Renovated area: 6 129m2
Built-up space: approx. 40 000m3

Estimated cost: 50 mil
Documentation for construction: 2015
Author’s supervision: 2015 – 2016

Documentation for construction: 2015
Author’s supervision: 2015 – 2016

The building is located in the center of Prague, on the corner of Na Příkopě and Panská streets, in a pedestrian zone. The building is protected / listed within the territory of the Prague Historical Reservation.
The original bank palace is being renovated for a new functional use, it will serve two purposes – business and administrative. Pakring and and technical facilities of the building are designed in the basement.
The main entrance is located from Na Příkopě street, the future retail Hamleys will use 1.B -3.L. Commercial areas are situated on all Levels, individual floors will be connected by newly inserted escalators.
Historically valuable constructions will be protected to the maximum extent within the framework of building modifications, the facades remain completely original.
The vertical dividing structures will be made of plasterboard partitions, the wall fillings of solid bricks, if the existing walls are covered then with painted MDF.
The marble floor in the entrance area and in the existing hall will be protected by a special mat, on which a vinyl floor will be made. There will be vinyl flooring on the leveling screed in the commercial area. The tread layers in the background will be mostly ceramic tiles or concrete coating, carpets are designed in the offices of the 3rd Level. The original stucco ceilings will be maximally preserved, the new ceilings will be of plasterboard.