Hradec Králové Regional Library

New building of regional library with information centre
Hradecká str. and U přívozu str., Hradec Králové

Awarded Grand Prix of architectural community 2009
Awarded Building of the year 2009
As the main scene for making new advert spot with world known actor

Investor: Studijní a vědecká knihovna v Hradci Králové
Designer: „PRO KIC“ – coalition of planning studios:
Projektil Architekti s.r.o. and DELTAPLAN
General supplier: VCES a.s.
Investment: cca 12,8 mil. EUR
Finished: 2007

Built-up area: 2950 m2
Built-up volume: 57 302,7m3
Net utility area: 11 232,2 m2
Underground parking area: 1291,1 m2
Technological facility area: 556,7 m2

The New library and information centre building has been designed for Educational and scientific library of Hradec Králové as its new seat. By moving this institution into the new KIC (library with information centre), a new institution will be established. It will be constituted as a source of general education and culture in the region. KIC will be the prime provider of information and educational service, educative amusement and other cultural activities. As this library with information centre is not designed to become a mere library, but also an educational and cultural centre, it will also serve as a meeting point for citizens of Hradec Králové region and the town itself as well as all the people of the Czech republic via borrowing services running among this and other libraries in our country.

The presented design of the new library and information centre building has been selected the best of 62 projects by a professional committee in public architectural tender in 2002.

The building structure has been designed as a reinforced concrete skeleton supported by exterior walls and inner columns supporting the flooring plates. All the structure, including the exterior cladding (monolithic sandwich structure), has been designed with fare-face concrete final finish. The cladding is made of naturally coloured concrete and surfaced with colour glazing. Visible parts of the structure in the interior have been designed using natural concrete.

The building has been awarded a prize in Grand Prix obce architektů (architectural community) 2009 contest and the prestigious title Building of the year 2009 for construction of extraordinary architectural solution regarding method of work with fare-face concrete and interior lay-out. We believe that these two and other current awards this outstanding construction has been granted will not remain the last to have come.

Hradec Králové regional library was selected as the main scene for making new advert spot with Catherine Zeta-Jones: