Langhans Palace

Super-structure, extension and reconstruction of the Art nouveau palace
Vodičkova 37, Prague 1

Awarded Building of the year 2003

Investor: Zuzana Meisnerová-Wismerová, Rolf Wismer
General Supplier: Průmstav a.s.
Author: Prof. Ing. arch. Ladislav Lábus
Investment: not stated
Finished: 2002

Built-up area: 867 m2
Bulit-up volume: 18 585 m3

15 luxury flats, 693 m2 office areas, 867 m2 commercial areas

Original building (built in 1870) reconstruction with additional super-structures and extension of the building on a belt between Vodičkova street and the Franciscan garden. A broken and heterogenous structure has been designed, composed of five adjacent houses with terraces, skylights and courtyards interconnected on lower levels by a spinal line of communication.

The existing building has been structurally supplemented with reinforced concrete super-structures and a new reinforced concrete skeleton structure. The whole design respects the original elements and construction, accenting use of natural materials. The lower levels are used for commercial use, upper areas are used as flats and offices. The rear of the building, where there used to be art studios, is used as a photo gallery.