DELTAPLAN = over 25 years of top quality building design

Since the studio was founded in 1991, we have aimed a single goal – to continuously improve our skills and knowledge to provide our clients and partners with a comprehensive design and engineering services in structural engineering and architecture on the highest level. The way we chose, to always offer high value and flexibility, is based on quality, availibility and reliability.

The quality of our services is subject to continuous keeping of high professional standard (technical, legal and social) of all our employees. Philosophy of building a corporation based on the values of „friendly cooperation“ both outside and inside the company, fair business and high professionalism, has made conditions for a business model that involves efficiently organized activities and high-tech „production“ of projects in constant awareness of the needs and wishes of the customers. The principle is preference of conceptual and systematic approach as against to the permanently operational. This corresponds to, since 2000 permanently renewed, accreditation of the company quality management system ČSN EN ISO 9001.

More than 25 years after the commencement of independent operation in 1991 it is, in all modesty, possible to say that values stated at the beginning and gradually developed, have proved to be still valid and viable. Throughout the period of our business we have made projects for about 700 buildings at investment costs of approximately CZK 120 billion.

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